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Why Does a Hearing Aid Stop Ringing – Causes and Solutions

June 28, 2022
Why Does a Hearing Aid Stop Ringing – Causes and Solutions

You want to know why stop ringing a hearing aid suddenly when listening to music? Here are some ways to diagnose sound issues: speaker and microphone on your headset

Obviously, it is not possible to establish a perfect diagnosis by performing these tests. These are just some of the most common concerns. But it may be that the problem is more serious and requires the intervention of a professional (especially if it is the motherboard).

Here are some diagnostic ideas in case your smartphone has gone silent or your callers can no longer hear you…

Index of contents

  1. Test if a hearing aid stops ringing
    1. A hearing aid stops ringing or no sound is returned: possible causes
    2. A hearing aid stops ringing or no sound is recorded: possible causes
  2. Another way to fix headphones when a hearing aid stops ringing – Step by step guide
    1. Stop ringing a hearing aid How to fix them?
    2. Steps to fix earphones when you let a hearing aid ring
  3. conclusion

Test if stop ringing a hearing aid

To test your speakers and microphone when a hearing aid stops ringing, you sometimes have the option of accessing a test/hidden menu. All you have to do is open the phone by dialing and dial the following codes:

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  1. # 0 * # (Samsung)
  2. 3001 # 12345 # * (iPhone)
  3. #*#7378423#*#*(Sony)
  4. # * # 3424 # * # * (HTC)
  5. 3845#*855#(LG)
  6. # * # 4636 # * # * (Nexus)
  7. ##7764726 (Motorola)
  8. ## 3282 # or ## 3282 (Lumia)
  9. ##147852 (Huawei)
  10. # * # 64663 # * # * (Xiaomi)
  11. # * # 197328640 # * # * (Others)

However, its operation is not guaranteed. but can allow you test the different components of your smartphone. In particular, the internal speaker (for listening, during calls), the external speaker (ringtone, music, hands-free calls, etc.) as well as the microphone (voice recording).

First of all, remember check the volume! Via the phone buttons and in settings to make sure the sound is turned on and maxed out.

If these codes don’t work, it can be tricky! For example, listen to the different ringtones in the phone menu to test the sound level and quality of the external speaker. Or call your answering machine (don’t count the package!) to test the sound of the internal speaker, with the possibility of switching to hands-free mode to check the quality of the amplified speaker.

other system, start the dictaphone / voice recorder of your Smartphone and record yourself for a few seconds. Then switch to reading mode. You can select amplified speaker or earphone speaker to test sound quality and microphone function.

Stop ringing a hearing aid or no sound is returned: possible causes

  • Without amplified sound: external speaker involved. On the bottom of the phone, if it no longer makes sound, check the speaker wires and contactors. If nothing happens, proceed to change the speaker (sometimes associated with the charging connector) to solve the problem.
  • Low/Far Amplification Sound: Dust or dirt may have gotten into the speaker grille, obstructing the sound. Also, check if there are not few drops left (water or other liquids) have been filtered and dried. To do this, remove the grille and clean the speaker with a small brush.
  • No sound during calls: internal speaker at the top of the phone. Please check your phone settings. Update if possible, or even restore before intervention, in case of a software problem. Then check the speaker contacts and replace the speaker if the problem persists. The problem is not solved? The motherboard is touchable, being the only one that connects to this speaker. In this case, contact a professional.
  • Weak/distant sound during calls: Check the condition of the grid, if dirt or dust has accumulated. You can clean it by blowing it or with a small brush. If the liquid gets embedded and dries, try cleaning it or change the grill or speaker if it also touches it.
  • Crackling sound during calls: internal speaker out of order, you must replace it.

Stop ringing a hearing aid either no sound is recorded: possible causes

  • No sound recorded: people you are talking to do not hear you during calls and there is no sound when listening to voice memos. Examine the microphone cable and charging connector. Reconnect it if it is placed incorrectly. Or change it if it is damaged, since the microphone is soldered to it.
  • The interlocutors do not hear you but the sound is recorded through the dictaphone: or it is a software problem and therefore an update or even a restore is necessary. Or the problem comes from the noise cancellation circuit on the motherboard. Call a professional to rectify the bore.
  • Very weak recorded sound: Check if dust, dirt or liquid has entered the miro grille. Blow dry or use a small brush to remove residue if necessary. Also check the position of the microphone, in case it has moved away from its housing.

If none of these ways have solved your problem, do not hesitate to contact technical support.

Another way to fix headphones when a hearing aid stops ringing – Step by step guide

Hearing aids are accessories that allow us to listen to the sound of our electronic devices, whose main function is to make the listening experience much more personal.

Basically these are elements capable of transmitting electrical signals from our devices to our ears. This, thanks to its design, allows us to place small speakers or speakers in our ears that convert these signals into sound waves.

They are ideal to use for a walk or for work, since they motivate us and at the same time allow great mobility, if you want to get away from everything, isolate the outside sound or simply enjoy a song in a more intimate way, it is more recommended the use of headphones.

The most common headphone models consist of clips inserted into our devices and are connected to the speakers. This design, although very practical, has many drawbacks.

Stop ringing a hearing aid How to fix them?

It is common for our headphones to deteriorate over time to the point where they stop working. With such a subtle design, it is very easy for them to break or simply run out of life.

Among the most common reasons why we lose our headphones we find: that by having such a fragile cable if unnecessary tension is applied, it is possible that the cables that compose it are Vacation, so it is more than common to connect a headset via bluetooth and wireless.

If you are not careful when storing it, the cable may become entangled or break and thus be damaged. Another common way to damage hearing aids is to unplug them.

If the cord is fastened tightly, please unplug the plug carefully, it may be damaged. Avoid its full operation or only one speaker will be heard.

THE BEST WAY to prolong the life of our headphones is to treat them with care, not unnecessarily stress them, and store them where they’re not likely to get mixed up. In this way we can continue enjoying it without inconvenience.

On the other hand, in case you want to recover hearing aids that have stopped working, there is a very simple way to fix them. Therefore, in this part of the article we are going to know the steps to solve them correctly.

Steps to fix earphones when you let a hearing aid ring

The most common way for headphones to stop ringing is if the device’s mini-jack has been damaged. Or the part where the cord joins the plug is broken.

  1. Step 1: If this is our case, the first thing to do is get a functional location. You can recycle this outlet using an old helmet or buy an electronic device from storage, which is usually very cheap.
  2. Step 2: The next step is to get the helmet that we are going to repair, with scissors, cut the part where the connector with the cable is damaged, leaving only the speakers with the cable that is still in good condition.
  3. Step 3: Now we take the end of the cable that we just cut and with small tweezers we peel about three centimeters of the cable. Remove the enamel that covers it until the three threads brought by the cable are exposed.

In case you have our headphones with four internal wires, we get them two gray wires and connect them. Then we take out the mini plug connector that we bought and take out the thread that it comes with.

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We see that it has three links. In each of these connectors we will place each of the cables that we have previously removed. If we have a soldering iron, we glue these cables a little to make them safer, ready in this way we manage to fix our headphones.


As you can see, here are the simple ways you can use to diagnose why a hearing aid stops ringing and how to fix it. We recommend that if you do not find a feasible solution in our explanation, you should buy new hearing aids as a last resort. We hope have helped you with this information.