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What is an SFV File

June 28, 2022

Have you found a file with the extension .sfv and you don’t know what it is? doWhat is an SFV File? It is important to know how to open this file in order to work with it. In this article we will explain what is the file extension .sfvhow to open it and how to work with it.

What is an SFV File
Index of contents

  1. What is an SFV File
  2. What is the SFV File for?
  3. How to Open a .sfv File?
    1. How to open an .sfv file in Windows
    2. How to open an .sfv file on Mac
    3. How to open an .sfv file on Linux
  4. Still Can’t Open The .sfv File?
  5. To close

What is an SFV File

The file extension .sfv comes from “Simple File Verification“, in Spanish “Simple File Verification”. The format of this miscellaneous file is a text format. There are currently 6 programs that can open the file .sfv on 3 different platforms.

The file .sfv is a simple text file, the CRC32 algorithm using a simple file detection function calculates the value for each file and a text file written to an .sfv.

After downloading the utility tool SFV for the downloaded file, the results are calculated and to compare files, if the file downloaded from a different program is wrong, you need to download it again.

And with a specific program to calculate a checksum or batch file, size, date and preservation.

CRC32: CRC itself is a means of “redundancy check”. CRC32 generates a 32-bit check value (8-digit hexadecimal numbers).

Since the CRC32 check value is generated for each bit of the source data block, the bits are involved in the calculation, the data block will give different CRC32 values.

MD5: Name of one of the message digest algorithms (also called a one-way hash function). A 32-bit hexadecimal, of which through a certain algorithm, according to each bit to finally produce a data source verification value of 128 (bit).

The most common application is MD5 cryptography, the paper mainly uses it to verify file integrity; if you find it difficult to understand the character, you can simply think of it as some kind of 128-bit MD5 digital signature for the school to check if the files have been modified.

SFV is most commonly used in RAR, MP3, ISO and other file formats.

What is the SFV File for?

Many of us download all kinds of files on the web, of course, providing a reliable streaming environment on the net.

But sometimes, due to various factors, the downloaded files are flawed and the original uploaders of the file are not exactly the same, making users often escape detection.

So the file cannot be determined from knowing if the file size is correct. Remember that the size of the original file and the downloaded file usually have no differences.

And there is no way to bring the original files, because the original file is in the distance on the Server, so this time if the other party has provided an SFV file, it is easier to deal with.

The presence of the SFV file serves to solve the above problems that arise at the file provider, when uploading the files. SFV software is used to generate a CRC for the file information, and it is recorded in a .SFV file.

While other users on the Internet at the same time also download this SFV file back to the computer, and then use the content of this file by SFV software to do CRC32 detection of other files.

Because the content of the file as soon as there is any change, its CRC32 checksum will be different, and thus the value of the information provided by the CRC. This means that the file downloaded on the Internet is not the same as the original file.

When we come to various well-known forums for FTP download, in each folder you can see that there is an SFV file extension of the file, what is it for?

In fact, it is a sub-volume compression packet inspection document, the role is used to check the cargo volume compression packet for errors, for FXP, this document is an indispensable component.

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How to Open a .sfv File?

Next, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to open the .sfv file on various operating systems.

How to open an .sfv file in Windows

There are 4 simple steps to open an .sfv file on Windows. But first you need to download the program QuickSFV. With QuickSFV can you check files .sfv, in addition to .crc and .ckz.

  • Download QuickSFV from its official page.
  • Now locate the .sfv file you want to open. If you don’t know where to find it, downloaded files are usually automatically saved to the “downloads”.
  • Located the file, right click it and open the context menu.
  • Click on “To open with”.
  • Choose QuickSFV.
  • Now click on “To accept”.
  • Done, you have opened the file .sfv.

How to open an .sfv file on Mac

Below you can see the steps on how to open the file .sfv on Mac

  • In the first step, you need to download the software iSFV. The application iSFV is a checker for files .sfv which can be used on Mac.
  • Now locate the downloaded file.
  • Right-click it and select “Open With” from the context menu.
  • Choose iSFV.
  • Done, the file .sfv is already open with the program

How to open an .sfv file on Linux

to open files .sfv on Linuxyou can use the same software used in Windows, the QuickSFV. You must download the software on your computer. Then, apply the same steps that you applied in Windows, it is extremely simple.

Still Can’t Open The .sfv File?

If you can’t open the .sfv file, you may be trying to open the wrong file. There are many similar file extensions that resemble the .sfv file, such as: .sfvidcap, .sfw, .sfx, .sfz, .sg.

It is possible that you are trying to open the wrong file, check and really check that it is an SFV file.

To close

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We hope that your doubts have been resolved with the information contained in this post. SFV files fulfill important information for file verification and for many it is necessary to have a program to open them.

We have given you some programs that you can use, depending on the operating system you are on.