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What is a VBS File

June 28, 2022

VBS It was one of the most popular programming languages ​​on the market, so you may have found various how-to guides on VBS programming on the internet. That is why the question arises…What is a VBS file and what is it for??

VBScript is a lightweight scripting version of the popular Microsoft Visual Basic, developed by Microsoft, to compete with JavaScript.

VBScript it works just like JavaScript, as a scripting language. In addition, it is much simpler and lighter than Visual Basic. In order to run this language, Internet Explorer must be activated, since it is not compatible with other browsers.

For this reason, it was not as widely accepted as JavaScript, which does run in all browsers.

What is a VBS File
Index of contents

  1. What is a VBS File?
  2. How to Make a VBScript Program?
  3. How to Save a VBScript Program?
  4. How to Run a VBScript Program?
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What is a VBS File?

A file with the VBS extension is a file that is written in the VBScript language, which has been used until recently in the development of dynamic web pages.

VBS or VBScript is connected with editing scripts Microsoft Visual Basic. In the computing environment, the user can access and control many aspects of it.

VBScript you can use a model called “Component Object Model” to take advantage of the elements and tools of the environment. This environment is specified to work and run VBScript.

It works similar to javascript when the client accesses it in the field of web development. It is also used by servers for processing web pages.

It can be seen in some other types of script files, such as HTML applications.

It was first released in 1996, as part of the technologies used by Microsoft specified for Windows Scripts. Initially, it was developed to help web developers.

In the same year, the Microsoft Windows browser called Internet Explorer was released along with the features of Visual Basic Script.

With the progress of technology and web development, many versions of VBScript along with many advanced features.

For server-side web pages, tools like Active Server Pages are used together with VBScript. This scripting language can also be used in the Windows Scripting Component.

Files for this language are stored with the extension .vbs on Windows.

There are many control structures, such as loops, that are used in the code of this language. It also includes arguments that are command line and can be named or unnamed.

Although there is no specific integrated development environment for VBScript, programs like Microsoft Script Editor provide the ease of development of this language.

When VBScript is hosted on the Windows Script host, it provides several features that are quite common to scripting languages ​​but are not available in Visual Basic 6.0.

Functions that involve easy or direct access include network printers, named and unnamed command line arguments, stdout and stdin, network shares, Windows management instrumentation, network user information such as group membership, and much more.

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How to Make a VBScript Program?

Like many other simple scripting languages, VBScript can be written in a simple text editor, such as notepad and other similar software (eg notepad++, wordpad, etc.).

Check out the following steps to get a better idea of ​​how to make a VBScript program:

  • Open the text editor of your choice, like notepad for example.
  • Next, we’ll write a program line that brings up a dialog box with a simple message:
    • a = msgbox(“Have a nice day”, 0, “Make a VBScript program”)

You can put anything as long as it follows the variable declaration rules in VBScript instead of “a”, which is at the beginning of the code above. Effectively, we can decipher and understand the above code as follows:

(Any variable name) = msgbox(“Your main text”, 0, “Your title text”)

To change the property of the dialog box with respect to what you need, you can be guided by the following data:

0Only the “OK” button will be displayed.
1OK and Cancel buttons will be displayed.
twoCancel, Retry and Ignore buttons will be displayed.
3Yes, No and Cancel buttons will be displayed.
4Yes and No buttons will be displayed.
5Retry and Cancel buttons will be displayed.
16The critical message icon will be displayed in the dialog.
32The warning query icon will be displayed in the dialog.
48The warning message icon will be displayed in the dialog box.
64The information message icon will be displayed in the dialog box.
0The first button will become the default.
256The second button will become default.
512The third button will become the default.
768The fourth button will become the default.
0Trigger the app’s modal (basically the current app will stop working until the user responds to the dialog).
4096Activate the system modal (basically all applications will stop working until the user responds to the dialog).

change “0” in the code written above with any of the numbers provided just above. To get more than one property listed above in your dialog, you can write, for example: “0+32“, instead of “0” in the code above.

That’s it, we just wrote a basic program for VBScript which will show a dialog as output. Now to save this program.

How to Save a VBScript Program?

Follow the steps below to save a VBScript program:

  • Press “Ctrl + Shift + S” on the keyboard, this will open a dialog window “Save” as asking where to save the notepad document you created.
  • Now type any file name of your choice for this notebook document, but make sure to type “.vbs” as its extension.
  • Now, change the value of the field “save as type” of “Text documents (*.txt)” a “All the files (*.*)” by clicking on it with the help of the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, click on the “Save” button after choosing a suitable location where the file should be saved.

How to Run a VBScript Program?

Now this is a very simple thing to do, just double click on the file .vbs now saved, from the place where you saved it and that’s it. It will run and give you a dialog with the features you programmed.

To close

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Whereas the program VBScript it’s so easy to get up and running, it’s hard to imagine why it wasn’t as successful as expected, until you find out that it can only be run on Windows and Internet Explorer.

microsoftseeing that JavaScript took over the market due to its versatility and compatibility with all browsers, decided not to make Microsoft Edge, its flagship browser, compatible with JavaScript.

Additionally, regarding the Windows operating system, VBScript it had a good acceptance and use in previous times, but nowadays, it is used more PowerShellso JavaScript’s days are numbered for use in Windows 10 and Windows 11.