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Step By Step Guide: How To Set Up A Chinese Radio?

June 28, 2022

Step By Step Guide: How to configure a Chinese radio?, You know how to do it. The idea of ​​this article is to teach you those tricks that you may not know yet.

Car driving has had great innovation and therefore a huge advance Over the years, adding new and better technologies on each occasion, in previous years our radio was only used to listen to music on CD or listen to some type of station, but this has been changing drastically, arriving today in day to the point of being able to perform Google searches from our own radio.

Newer radio models have a Android operating systemThis is due to the excellent compatibility that this operating system brings, and that it is very simple and easy to develop new applications for it, and install them through an APK or from the store itself.

This software tends to be a bit archaic due to the constant output of different mobile devices at an almost impressive speed scale, that is why, it is required that you know how you should and can update your radio.

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Index of contents

  1. How to configure a Chinese radio that has WIFI?
    1. How to perform the update of a Chinese radio externally via USB?
    2. Elements that you must take into account before doing this procedure
  2. Step by step to reach the Android Auto wireless connection to the vehicle.
  3. Use Android Auto to search while driving.

How to configure a Chinese radio that has WIFI?

This will depend on the specific model of your device, with it you can have the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi networkmaking it much easier and simpler to install applications, and in our case to update the system itself.

These updates are important and transcendental when using our devicesince they correct errors or failures, in terms of earnings, security, performance or visual section, if you have the option to update, do not hesitate to do so, to carry out this procedure you must be connected to a WIFI network.

Once you have this, turn on your radio and go to the settings section, go down here and look for the option “about”there you just have to enter and in the modernization section tap, here you can demonstrate whether there are new updates or not, if you have any, tap where it says “install”.

It will immediately ask you to accept the installation terms and you will get a warning not to turn off the radio or disconnect it from the power supply, so that the process can finish as quickly as possible.

How to perform the update of a Chinese radio externally via USB?

To be able to update your radio externally, you mainly require your computer and the help of a USB memory, on the internet there is a huge library that can help you with the chinese radios updateyou just have to search for your specific model in the inquiry bar and you will come across the files.

In the same way you can do the apk installation on your device, but you must be careful when downloading any kind of content, first of all since the application can become fake, causing serious damage to the computer or even filling it with some kind of unpleasant virus, which means that you have to do then later a more tedious procedure.

Once you get and download the update file you need, you should know that these usually do not weigh more than 10mbyou simply do this from your own computer, the file will come in compressed format and you must do the decompression, then after copying the file “.img” to the root of your USB stick.

He then proceeds to connect the USB to the computer and go to the settings section, and where it says updates, we give a touch and it will ask us for the new installation file, we look for it and choose the one with the format “.img”, and we proceed to accept, with this, you will start the automatic installation process and it will be finished.

How to perform the update of a Chinese radio externally via USB

Elements that you must take into account before doing this procedure

How to configure a Chinese radio?, the moment they come true updates for our devices, they rarely decline the experience, since these, as we already know, are always to correct errors or add more functions than there were already, in the case of our radio, or playback device, these error corrections can be destined to Interface.

To do this series of steps you need to know that the car must be switched on and in the minimum state, just turn it on and leave it that way, while you perform the update, it is extremely important that there are no power cuts during the process, because this can lead to the total damage of your sound equipment.

If you already had APKs previously installed and want to keep them, you can perform a backup of your relevant installers to have them as a kind of insurance and avoid bad moments, the duration of the update will obey the model and style of the radio, since if it is a model that is very old it will be delayed, but in general this takes more than 20 minutes to get.

If you have any questions or want to know a little more about what implements the update, you can find out online the name of the module together with that of the update and check the inventions and if it really suits you to do the installation.

Android Auto It has been considered in our times as the latest innovative element of this peculiar company, which every day needs a new way of optimizing the usability and effectiveness of the equipment, containing its capabilities.

Working hand in hand with the Google Assistant, it is about a program that will allow the beneficiaries to manage to make a routine of very important applications within the device while tripping while handling or inside your car.

Thanks to everything described above, many of the drivers will not have to worry about diverting their concentration to handle the mobile, because now they will be able to do the most frequent tasks through provisions with the use of voice.

Step by step to reach the Android Auto wireless connection to the vehicle.

How to configure a Chinese radio?, You should know that the latest generation of cars have obtained a wide range of faculties that provide the use of other connectors while handling, with the purpose of making the experience of the leader a real pleasure.

This is why, to achieve the synchronization of the mobile device of your choice with your own car, you must make the decision what is the peculiarity of the connection that you love the mostand then execute it in the most comfortable way possible.

Currently, connections with wireless features are the most notorious, since they are the ones who consent to the total independence of both devices, which saves a revealing amount of time for those users who use both.

By following all the steps above, you will be able to automatically sync this vehicle to the Android Auto app: start the car, activate the Bluetooth of your mobile device and press on the device that identifies the car to link it with your cell phone.

When you reach it, you must proceed to open the application already indicated within the phone and wait for the notification to appear automatically on the screen of the car, so that when you choose it, the synchronization between both devices is completed.

How to perform the update of a Chinese radio externally via USB

Use Android Auto to search while driving.

One of the greatest advantages of this type of program is that it allows you to do endless tasks with just express the sequence with the right words and toneincluding browsing the Internet.

Whether you want to search for a colorful image using Google, or simply get the most important information within the browser while you’re driving, you should know that thanks to this app all this is possible. To achieve this, you have two options that we will describe below.

1.- Use Google through its assistant, to manage the Chinese radio of your car.

Firstly, we had suggested that Android Auto works hand in hand with the assistant that Google has, because by keeping driving, it turns out to be much more effective to make verbal communication with the device to accomplish tasks.

At the bottom of the basic program interface you can get the microphone icon, which will allow you to interact directly with “Ok Google”reaching only with expressing the desired order and letting the assistant do all the work, of managing certain things, including the radio of your vehicle.

2.-Through the program’s favorite tensions.

In the same way, there is also the possibility of using the Google search engine by using the preferences that are established by the Android program, since its interface also has direct access to those applications that the consumer uses automatically. recurring inside the car.

Once the Android Auto application is open, you must try to establish the icon of the Google search engine among the most prominentso that it is only necessary to press on it to be able to navigate.

In this way, and clearly stating the orders with the correct form and tone, you can proceed to navigate to get relevant information or look for a game like Pacman so that your companions can entertain themselves along the way and on the trip.

As far as tasks are concerned, there is no type of limit that can stop you from being able to use any other type of application inside the car, since you can even work with the music player, the radio, the calendar, Google Maps, among others.

It is very important to mention that Android Auto works based on the provisions determined by each user, so if your children also want to navigate within this application, we advise you to use the child seeker that the company Google has designed for them.

In conclusion, and thanks to these new utilities, you will no longer have to stop to use the browser or the app of your choice, nor will you have to risk an accident again by using your phone to configure a Chinese radio.

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