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How to Convert ODG File to JPG Online for Free

June 27, 2022

Have you come across an ODG extension? If so, we recommend that you read the guide to learn how to convert an ODG file to JPG online for free. A JPEG is a type of image format that is saved using the lossy compression method. The output image, as a result of compression, is a balance between storage size and image quality.

Users can adjust the compression level to achieve the desired quality level while reducing storage size. Image quality is negligibly affected if 10:1 compression is applied to the image. The higher the compression value, the greater the image quality degradation.

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Index of contents

  1. What are ODG files?
  2. How to convert an ODG file to JPG or PNG online for free
    1. Free Online Image Converter
  3. GroupDocs.Conversion for the Java API
    1. Advantage
    2. Steps to convert ODG to JPG in Java (for developers)
    3. System Requirements
  4. final thoughts

What are ODG files?

Files in ODG format are part of the free OpenOffice office suite and come specifically with OpenDocument graphics, so they are graphic documents or images. On operating systems such as Linux, documents that are in ODG format can be opened without much difficulty.

These platforms provide some kind of native support for this document, and while ODF documents can be opened in PowerPointODG-enabled files do not have this feature on Windows.

Therefore, we can use several optional agents. One of the options is to download the appropriate application opening these files, while the other option is to use conversion tools to open the document. in any application.

We believe that the best option is convert ODG file to JPG, which fortunately nowadays can be done very easily. To do this, it is possible to use online tools that can easily convert documents.

How to convert an ODG file to JPG or PNG online for free

Although the ODG format is included in open source software, the truth is that on platforms such as Windows, the format is totally unknown and cannot be opened easily. Therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to change the program in order to open a specific file in Windows or to convert the file.

Converting an ODG file to JPG can be done easily with online tools like a free online image converter. Read the following section to learn about the conversion process for this type of file.

Free Online Image Converter

The image converter we are working with is one of the best online file conversion websites. In fact, it has several tools that allow you to convert, among other things, audio files, images, videos.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most recommended tools if you want to convert a file from odg to jpg without downloading any app. Similarly, the page shows compatibility with popular applications such as ODG format files.

With the free online image converter, you can easily convert files with the ODG extension to JPG or PNG format. Next we will show you how to use this tool and convert the files to other formats like the ones we are dealing with now. These are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: The first thing is to go to the official website of the tool you have chosen. You can access by going to online-convert.
  • Step 2: On the page you will find several sections related to the conversions that the system can perform. In this context, we require the conversion of a graphic image, so you should go to the section «ImageConverter».
  • Step 3: choose the format that best suits you. In any case, we recommend using PNG because it produces an image without loss of quality.
  • Step 4: after clicking on the above option, the page will take you to the results section. A section will appear in which you must upload the image in ODG format by selecting the option «select files».
  • Step 5: A dialog box appears where you can find the ODG file you want to convert. Find the image, click open and wait for the file to load.
  • Step 6: the system presents various options for converting files. In any case, the default configuration is more suitable. Therefore, if you are a novice user, we recommend that you click «start conversion» to start the conversion without making any changes.
  • Step 7: wait until the platform has successfully converted your files to ODG. This step is usually quite quick.
  • Step 8: when the file is complete, it should start downloading. If not, press the button «Discharge» to get the image in a format your computer can read. If you are unable to open the JPG file in Windows, you will need to change the application that your system uses by default.

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GroupDocs.Conversion for Java API

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java is an advanced file format conversion API to convert between popular image and document formats like Microsoft Office, OpenDocument, PDF, HTML, email, CAD and many more using a few lines of code. The native API automatically detects the source document formats and offers many options to customize the converted documents.

Along with the function of extracting information from the document, it also supports caching of the output of the document. conversion to local disk by default. However, any type of caching can be supported by implementing appropriate interfaces: Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Windows Azure, Reddis, or any other.


The online converter has the following benefits:

  • No need to download the GroupDocs API.
  • No need to write any code.
  • Simply upload the source file for instant viewing.
  • Get the download link to save the file to your machine.

Steps to convert ODG to JPG in Java (for developers)

GroupDocs.Conversion makes it easy for developers to conversion from ODG file to JPG in a few lines of code. These are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: create a new instance of Converter and load the ODG file with the full path.
  • Step 2: establishes ConvertOptions for the JPG document type.
  • Step 3: call the method convert() and pass the document name (full path) and format (JPG) as a parameter.

System Requirements

A basic conversion with GroupDocs.Conversion for the Java APIs can be done with just a few lines of code. The API is compatible with all major platforms and operating systems. Before running the code below, make sure you have the following prerequisites installed on your system:

  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Development environment: NetBeans, Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, among others.
  • Java runtime environment: J2SE 6.0 and above.

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final thoughts

Done, you can now convert an ODG file to JPG in a simple way. The JEPG format is compatible with the vast majority of platforms, which gives the user more comfort when working with it. Although some or many of the platforms accept the ODG format, its use is a bit tedious compared to JPG or PNG. We hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to post a comment in the corresponding section.