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How to Hack Your PSP 3004

June 28, 2022

doYou have decided to hack your PSP 3004? Many have wanted to take advantage of the benefits of home brew. If you’ve been waiting for an easy beginner’s guide on how to soft mod the PSP 3004, then here’s what you’re looking for.

We will provide you with a simple step-by-step tutorial to hack psp 3004 with custom firmwarewhich will allow you to run homebrew apps, emulators, game ISO/CSO backups, which will enhance and enhance your PSP experience.

How to Hack Your PSP 3004
Index of contents

  1. How to Hack Your PSP 3004
    1. Prerequisites and Preparation
    2. Steps to hack PSP 3004
  2. About Custom Firmware
    1. Permanent vs Non-Permanent Hacking
  3. Can my PSP be blocked in the process?
  4. To close

How to Hack Your PSP 3004

Remember that we will do a soft modification, so the process is not as complicated as many believe. However, you must still respect all the steps outlined and not skip any, so that you have the expected results.

Prerequisites and Preparation

  • To get started, you obviously need to have a PSP 3004.
  • You must also have the USB data cable of the PSP 3004.
  • Your PSP battery must be fully charged.
  • You must have the PSP firmware less than or equal to 5.03if you have a higher firmware, there will be no way to downgrade the firmware, thus making hacking impossible.
  • You must also have the Genuine Sony Pro Duo Memory Stickwave Sandisk Pro Duo Memory Stick.

If you don’t have one genuine Pro Duo card for your PSP, we advise you not to use this tutorial as there are chances that corrupted data and read errors during hacking may brick your PSP 3004.

If this happens, you will lose your device as there is currently no way to unlock the PSP 3004.

If you want to check if your Memory card is original or not, try doing the following:

  • Log in to your PSP.
  • go to the memory card.
  • Then press the button “Triangle”.
  • Now go to “Information” and press “X”.
  • Yes MagicGate is compatible, then you have the original Pro Duo card. If instead MagicGate says “Unknown” or anything else, your Pro Duo card is fake.

Remember, if your card is not original do not do this tutorial. You run a high risk of crashing your PSP.

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Steps to hack PSP 3004

Let’s start with the steps.

  • You must update first the firmware of your PSP to 5.03. On the internet there are many pages where this firmware 5.03 file is available to download. Download the update file to your computer.
  • Then connect your PSP to PC in USB mode.
  • Double click on the file .exe
  • Copy firmware data PBP on your PSP.
  • Made the copy, now go to “PLAY”.
  • Enter the “memory sticks”.
  • Locate and select “firmware 5.03” and press “X”, this will update the firmware of the device to the original 5.03 firmware in a few minutes.

Now we proceed to download ChickHEN R2. Usually on the same page where you got the firmware 5.03they also provide you with this program.

  • Copy this program to your desktop.
  • Then double click on the file .exe To run it, an installation interface will appear on your PC.
  • Plug in your PSP and click “Install”. The installer will copy the necessary files to your PSP.
  • After installation is complete, turn off USB mode by pressing “EITHER”.
  • Now go to “PHOTO”.
  • Then select the “memory sticks”.
  • Now select “ChickHEN” and hit “X”.

The PSP will start in mode ChickHEN R2you can check this by going to “System” and then “System Information”, it will show ChickHEN 5.03 now.

Yes ChickHEN R2 It doesn’t load, try the following:

  • Please format your original memory card, fake ones will not work properly.
  • Restore default settings.
  • Check if “UMD Auto-Start and UMD Cache” are disabled.
  • Remove your Pro Duo card and reinsert it.
  • Restart your PSP.

once you have ChickHEN 5.03you can go ahead and install 5.03GEN-awhich will allow you to run backup ISO/CSO images of your PSP games, on PSP 3004.

  • Download custom psp firmware 5.03. As with the other two downloads, you can do it from the same page.
  • Extract the files to the PSP 3000 folder on the desktop.
  • Double click on the .exe file to run the program.
  • In the window that appears, select the model of your PSPThe mode “Full” installation, select “Yes” to install on the PSP and place the drive where your memory card is located.
  • Then click on “Start”. The files will be copied to your PSP.
  • Now turn off USB mode.
  • Go to “Play”.
  • Then select the “memory sticks”.
  • And here select “installer”.
  • Press “EITHER” to boot into custom firmware.

Done, you have successfully hacked your PSP 3004. You just have to remember that you should not restart your PSP for any reason, so as not to lose all this work.

You shouldn’t turn it off either. Always keep your PSP in “Suspension” either “Wait” while you are not using it.

About Custom Firmware

You can play games on the UMD, you can play games you bought from the store, but when it comes to trying to play games in an unconventional way, you’ll hit a snag.

If you try to play a game backup, activate a non-Sony theme, or install an emulator, you’ll find that you can’t progress somehow. That’s where it comes in Custom Firmware.

Custom Firmware It relaxes the restrictions imposed by Sony and allows you to do much more than you could before with your PSP.

The common feature of all custom firmware available for the PSP is to relax the signing process for PSP applications so that applications that have not been approved by Sony can be installed.

Permanent vs Non-Permanent Hacking

All forms of Custom Firmware will mention whether they are permanent or not.

  • A permanent custom firmware is when you turn off your PSP, and you see the startup logo “Sony Computer Entertainment”, with the firmware remaining installed.
  • If the custom firmware is not permanent, when you restart it it returns to the original state, as we explained above. The tutorial you just read is for non-permanent firmware.

Normally, there is a wider option if you agree to follow the non-permanent routebut if you intend to use the custom firmware features every time you use your PSP, you will need to reinstall it every time you start your PSP, and this is really tedious.

Can my PSP be blocked in the process?

Although the procedure for most of the custom firmwares that you find on the internet is properly tested, it is possible that your PSP will be blocked in the process, if you do not take the corresponding measures initially.

To avoid bricking your PSP, make sure to check your console beforehand, as the following can cause a brick:

  • Installing the wrong custom firmware for your PSP version.
  • Do not uninstall permanent custom firmware before installation. This would cause files to be overwritten which would then not run correctly.
  • Running out of battery power during the installation process.
  • Shut down the PSP during installation or flashing.

Once your device is locked, unless you have a first generation PSP, the best thing to do is buy another one.

First generation owners can make or buy a Pandora battery, which will force the PSP into recovery mode and then they can restore the damaged firmware. But for the other generations, there is nothing you can do.

To close

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This guide can be used to hack all versions of PSP 3000 Y PSP 2000 they have a motherboard TA-088v3 with firmware version 5.03. We hope it helps you and you can hack your device and enjoy it.