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Guide: How Much Have I Spent On League Of Legends?

June 28, 2022

If you have ever wondered how much money you have spent on the video game League of Legends and you want to know the exact number of it, continue in our article today we will show you different ways to discover the easiest way for you to do it.

Many are the amounts of people who spend in small amounts, but those amounts, accumulated over years, can make one quite large, which sometimes, can easily surprise you.

League of Legends It is a game that is free in itself and you do not need money to play it. However, the in-game skins for our champions are so beautiful that sometimes we just can’t help but purchase one.

Almost all the players League oh Legends across the planet have purchased at least one item from the store, be it a skin, a chroma, a hextech chest, or whatever else League of Legends.

All services in League of Legends are done through League’s own currency. RiotGamescall Riot Points either PR. The Riot Points they are purchased with real-life money and then used to purchase skins or other items in the store. It is a fairly simple and straightforward method.

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Index of contents

  1. How do I know how much I’ve spent on League of Legends?
    1. What have you spent on in League of Legends?
    2. Why is Riot letting you know how much you’ve spent on League of Legends?
    3. What is the use of making purchases in League of Legends?
    4. League of Legends history.
    5. League of Legends Payment Methods.
    6. Important facts about League Of Legends.
    7. How to know how much you have spent in League of Legends, with the Riot tool?

How do I know how much I’ve spent on League of Legends?

Even though we are talking about a game that is totally free, some of its characteristics can be improved by applying a reduced economic investment. Believe it or not, the chances of getting excellent items in the store are increased when you pay in real life, always keep in mind that nothing forces you to capture in this game.

riotthe developer of the game itself, has decided to place in the hands of the beneficiaries an instrument that allows them to know how much they have spent specifically in your account. For this, it is unavoidable to follow some steps, so that you can consult your personal amount correctly and without any mistakes.

In order to get to know how much have you spent on league of legends You must access the official League of Legends website, there, you have the opportunity to know your exact amount.

First, you need to associate with your personal account, another simple option is to search on Google how much money have i spent on lol, this will give you the opportunity to consent more easily. Take into account that you must check that the page you enter is precisely the one belonging to League of Legends, like this, you prevent phishing of your LoL data.

When you enter that link, Riot will automatically indicate how much money you have already invested in your account, we will show you below some significant data that you should know, we have already explained, do not stop reading. Initially, the amount that appears is exclusively in the area or region where you are, that is, if you have bought in other lines, it will not appear.

On the other hand, you should know that if you have invested in other accounts; riot It will not register it, therefore, you will only know what you have spent in the account you put.

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What have you spent on in League of Legends?

As we already mentioned in the previous sections, this is a completely gratuitous to a certain extent, since it is complemented with some micro transactions that provide more player experience, although not everything is so simple.

If you wonder; Paying for some elements does not give you an advantage in the game, anything you buy will not have much more power than if you buy it with Blue Essence.

In case you are already an experienced League of Legends player, it is very sure that this has not limited you, buy skins, improvements for your champions and one or another element. these skins you buy you can also refund them.

It is possible to consider that little by little purchases do not seem so big to you, but on certain occasions, a total amount at the end can be very surprising.

Why is Riot letting you know how much you’ve spent on League of Legends?

In a certain way, knowing the amount of each of your expenses is a very interesting fact, you may think that it is less or that it is more than what your figures teach you.

The most attractive thing about this is the bombshell it has caused in LoL players, many are totally distrustful of its amounts, which can be quite high. The Riot company has allowed this to be known in order to help those people who may be transforming more than they would like within this game.

Although the highest concern players who usually do streaming or they are considered as expert players, who can have more than ten years playing.

We recommend that you consider your amounts, try to make the calculations of what your experience has been in your game time with the money you have used. If you are satisfied, you know that this is a convenient amount, otherwise, increase it a little or minimize it as the case may be, you should advise stick to what you can afford.

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What is the use of making purchases in League of Legends?

Having money in the League of Legends game allows you to acquire gold in the game to earn master tactics.

To achieve more secure conditions within the game, to take care of your winnings, purchases and your money in the game, it is recommended that you change the password of your game from time to time in a more secure way.

League of Legends history.

League of Legends was one of the games most committed to promoting the MOBA genre and, in the same way, electronic sports, changing into a great success worldwide. Almost ten years in existence, the game is still heavily played and boasts one of the largest audiences on the Twitch streaming service.

League of Legends Payment Methods.

By having payment methods to place RP, which is specifically the currency used in the game and an official server from Brazil itself, you may have already wondered how much money has already been spent on it.

In order to answer this very important question, Riot, the developer and founder of the game, created a tool just for this. Next, we will show you how to find out how much money have you spent on League of Legends.

Skins, icons, and emotes are optional in League of Legends. No one is going to force you to spend a penny on the game.

On the other hand, since the momentous game is free to play, we chose to customize some of its skins by purchasing the cosmetic options in the store. Some even do it to support the Riot Games developers.

No matter what the reason is that leads you to acquire some things in League of Legends, the most affordable thing is that you are going to spend, believe it or not, at least 100 dollars throughout your entire playing career.

Around that $100 is the figure the average player spends in LoL. This applies to all regions and to all countries in the world.

Of course, it should be clarified that not everyone reaches that figure. There are League of Legends players who are perfectly comfortable with the primary aspect of the champions and have no need to buy skins Not at all.

But you also find some players who go to extremes and buy everything in the store, even if they don’t need it. They go for things that are unnecessary so they end up spending a lot of money on League of Legends.

One of the most famous players Diamond Pick 1 says:

I have personally spent about $124 on League of Legends and in my opinion that money was “well spent” and worth it. All this because I have bought many skins for my favorite champions, necessary for my success in the rankings”

If you want to know exactly what we are talking about, you just have to compare the difference between Zoe and Star Guardian Zoe.

Anyone can clearly see how the skills of Star Guardian Zoe they are much more spread out and superior in the game compared to the base aspect of the game, this helps me land my attacks much more often and makes me feel powerful with my champion. As a result, I play better and win more.

Lots of video game titles have taken a cue from LoL. Installing your own currency to transfer only cosmetic items instead of paid occupations to unlock levels, champions or areas of the game. It is a very simple idea, which allows players to decide whether to buy or not, without this affecting the joy of the game.

Spending money in League of Legends not bad, as long as you don’t go bankrupt or You abuse your parents’ credit cards. Riot Games has its own policies and parental controls.

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Important facts about League Of Legends.

The instrument used for the tutorial to the guide below, as mentioned first, ended up being developed by the game maker. In this way, you do not run the risk of including your account data.

How to know how much you have spent in League of Legends, with the Riot tool?

The use of the tool developed by Riot is very simple, but unlike many features of the game, it is not present in the client, but on its online site, in a separate part. See how to use it:

First proceed to open the browser of your choice on your computer and access this page link How much money have I spent on League of Legends?;

When the page is well loaded, proceed to click on “Start session”; On the next page, you must enter the username, password, choose the region and click “Login”.

At this point, the site should take some time to process the information. When everything is ready, you must click on “Show me the money”. Then, instead of the button, the amount that you have already spent in the game will appear.

Now you know how to find out how much money you have invested in your League of Legends account.

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