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Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

June 27, 2022

microsoft visio is the industry standard for business process modeling. The fact that it is the most used does not mean that it is the best. Therefore, we have brought you some alternatives to Visioso you can choose the one of your preference.

The main reason Visio is used so much is because it is included with Office 365 and often comes pre-installed with business technology suites.

If you’re tired of the lack of Visio integration, lack of macOS compatibility, and sky-high price, then you should consider one of the many Visio alternatives below.

Top 11 Alternatives to Visio
Index of contents

  1. What is Visio?
    1. Microsoft Visio Advantages
    2. Microsoft Visio Disadvantages
  2. The Best Alternatives to Visio
    1. 1. Edraw Max
    2. 2. Visme
    3. 3.Creately
    5. 5.Visual Paradigm
    6. 6.Graphviz
    7. 7.Lucidchart
    8. 8.SmartDraw
    9. 9. Glyffy
    10. 10. Omnigraph
    11. 11.Infogram
  3. What is a Process Modeling Software?
  4. Characteristics of a Process Modeling Software
  5. To close

What is Visio?

Before going directly to explain the alternatives for Microsoft Visio, it is important that we have a basic idea of ​​what this tool or software is all about.

microsoft visio is a Microsoft product that is used to design schematic representations and make graphical flowcharts, to explain a process in a more elaborate and clear way.

It has been a common favorite among corporate and business officials who have been looking to create organizational charts, engineering designs, and various other modern shapes and designs that could further streamline the interaction process.

It has a very collaborative approach that helps combine input from all stakeholders to help further improve the overall outcome of the process without further confusion.

Allow multiple team members to work and edit throughout the progress of the project.

The tool also helps connect flowcharts with real-time data, further helping to streamline updates and changes made to the chart, and work accordingly.

It is accessible from all over the world which makes it a better option to work with due to how easy it is to operate.

microsoft visio is a vector image and diagram creation program created in 1992 by Shapeware Corporation and acquired by Microsoft in the year 2000. It is currently part of the Microsoft Office family.

Being part of the Office family, it shares the familiar interface and cleanly integrates with its siblings like Word and Excel. Of course, Visio isn’t right for everyone. Belonging to a well-known brand is not enough for some people.

Microsoft Visio Advantages

  • Powerful process mapping and modeling capabilities.
  • Equipped to create highly detailed flowcharts.
  • Functions offer an additional layer of control over data visualization.
  • It has many features that have been developed and refined over the years.

Microsoft Visio Disadvantages

  • Your license is expensive.
  • Steep learning curve. It is not intuitive.
  • Additional costs required by hiring a consultant to help use the software.
  • Poor reports.
  • Sharing or publishing diagrams is difficult.
  • Not available for Mac/Linux.

The Best Alternatives to Visio

Making simple flowcharts isn’t the only thing you need BPM software for. You need processes that you can use, that your employees can easily follow and seamlessly update, if and when they need to.

We gather some of best visio alternatives for you to consider.

1. Edraw Max

Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

EdrawMax it comes with some of the best features and is considered to be an all-in-one software for the best experience without any complaints. It’s perfect for creating flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts, and all kinds of concepts you visualize in your mind.

The platform offers a wide variety of templates and examples for you to refer to and then plan your own diagram.

This platform is unique for its great file compatibility. It also comes with the best designs making it a good option to consider.

The platform allows users to create more than 280 types of diagrams with ease. It is perfect for all your needs, be it technical diagrams or even general diagram shapes.

You can also make infographics on this platform, which makes it a good option for research.

You have an intelligent and dynamic platform that also allows you to work effortlessly and without any confusion. You get a lot of flexible options at a fast speed, so it’s a good option for you to check for yourself.

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2. Visme

Top 11 Alternatives to Visio
see me

With more than 7 million users worldwide, see me has positioned itself as the most sought after online application for multinationals.

The undeniable art that the app offers helps to articulate and design visually stunning presentations and infographics with value-added content management.

It can be recognized as one of the best and recommended alternatives to Microsoft Visio solely because of its free service to create endless charts.

Cloud-based configuration of see me supports team collaboration by centralizing all your multimedia and diagrammed assets in a single, easily accessible location.

Furthermore, it allows its esteemed non-design users to generate more than a dozen high-profile professional and branded content with just a few mouse clicks.

Existing data can be enhanced with numerous graphical features, such as thousands of easy-to-edit templates, millions of stock images, as well as charts, maps, audio, video, and data widgets.


Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

For those looking for an advanced and organized platform to get through the diagramming process much more easily, Creately makes sure to do it for you. It is defined as the easiest way to visualize concepts, which is exactly what it does.

The best thing about this platform is the ease of use. Not only do you get thousands of professional templates, but you can also search and use the many intuitive drawing tools provided in their service.

All tools are integrated with precision control that ensures maximum results with minimum effort. You can also collaborate on diagrams among team members to track progress without interruption.

The layouts of all the diagrams are unique, so it’s an even better option to check it out for yourself. It comes with smart features and professionally designed shapes to help you achieve the diagrams of the concepts you have in mind.

The best thing that makes this a powerful competitor to Microsoft Visio is how well everything is organized. It has been categorized according to the job niche, further simplifying the needs and requirements for improvement.

Top 11 Alternatives to Visio
Drawio is an excellent free web application for creating fast, clean and simple process models.

Although some features are missing compared to a fully paid Visio license, with its clean and intuitive interface, you can’t waste any time to start building your process maps and flowcharts right away. you can import Gliffy, VSSX, VSDX, Lucidchart, and other types of files.

Google Drive integration is also available, making it more convenient for users of GSuite. There’s even a desktop app for offline use, if you so desire.

5.Visual Paradigm

Top 11 Alternatives to Visio
Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm it can be considered a great alternative to Microsoft Visio due to thousands of companies switching preference towards the application as it does not cost a dime.

What makes the modeling tool more compelling than Visio is its ease of use and installation benefits that allow you to generate an unlimited number of drawings and convert them to images.

It gives you the advantage of no time restrictions and no advertising interruptions as well as payment paperwork, which can sometimes be too overwhelming.

The online application Visual Paradigmhas also been awarded international accolades and awards in numerous major IT competitions, considering its compatibility with all web browsers and ease of access and use.

It is integrated to import the Visio drawings and you can save all the resulting diagrams and models in Google Drive. Users can browse and click through the sample diagrams offered by the tool to start editing and designing them.

The tool is also best known for its top-notch user experience compatibility with Visual Paradigm Community Edition.


Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

Graphviz is an open source tool library created by AT&T Labs Research to design flowcharts and visual charts using the DOT language, to facilitate low-level control and command-line image generation.

For those who want to get stuck in and dig into a complicated tool with a ton of documentation, Graphviz is a great free solution.

With all kinds of packages and libraries to enable integration, from the statistical language of open source R until Angular Y python.


Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

lucidchart is another popular option for creating flowcharts for your business needs.

If you look at the stats for it, they say that thousands of people have already switched from Microsoft Visio to Lucidchart without paying increased fees. lucidchart It has a very easy and interactive platform to use.

Creating flowcharts with Lucidchart is not only easier, it’s done with the fewest clicks and much faster.

The platform offers a wide variety of features that you wouldn’t normally get with Visio, including the much-needed option to share and chat in real time between team members.

It allows users to have a seamless experience without abrupt changes with updates.

It’s also web-based software, so you can collaborate and interact from anywhere in the world without having your team sit in the same room.


Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

Next on the list of best Visio alternatives has to be SmartDrawwhich is another popular platform that provides wide access.

While Visio makes creating flowcharts much more complex than it needs to be, SmartDraw is there to help facilitate that process.

The best thing about this software is that it automates the entire process, so you can save a lot of time. They have built-in commands that you can simply click and the diagram will be created for you without any additional hassle.

Besides that, SmartDraw offers more affordable options that you can choose from. It also requires much less maintenance and streamlines the process as per requirements.

SmartDraw allows you to import and export to and from Visio if you already have everything installed according to your needs. It also provides even better and more templates that you can work with without having to worry about anything at all.

9. Glyffy

Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

For those who need a much more streamlined and user-friendly platform for their diagramming needs, gliffy is actually a pretty good alternative to Microsoft Visio.

It is considered to be one of the best affordable and accessible diagramming tools available in the market right now.

The great thing about this software is that it allows easy migration of all the work you might have done in Visio to its platform.

This greatly reduces the hassle and ensures that you don’t have to strain to get things done.

It’s also web-based software, which means you and your team members can easily access it from anywhere in the world with your login credentials and not have to worry about potential roadblocks.

The price of the services is also quite good, which makes it a better option compared to Visio. You can even get a free trial of the premium services to see for yourself.

10. Omnigraph

Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

Omnigraph from Omni Group is a great solution for digital diagramming, especially if you are an Apple lover. His latest release omnigraffle 7 it’s fully up-to-date for macOS, and they even have an equivalent version for mobile and tablet devices.

Few process modeling solutions are as mobile and tablet friendly as this software, and its focus on Apple products is sure to be a boon to many users.

Omnigraffle’s strengths are its functionality for mobile devices and tablets, as well as its ease of use. It has a large number of drawing and design tools, and the Pro version can import and export Viso files.


Top 11 Alternatives to Visio

infographic is a highly rated intuitive data visualization tool that has achieved its widespread presence in international giants like JLL, LinkedIn, Intercom, etc.

This app is well structured with an interactive interface to impress and help its registered users to provide captivating images that can have a lasting impact on the audience.

These users are offered a platform to create and design graphic documents such as infographics, reports, slides, dashboards, and social media visuals.

Due to this diversity of applications, infographic it is highly preferred and implemented by staff operating in various marketing, education, content, non-profit and publishing sectors as it is best suited for team collaboration.

The tool provides these users with an excellent collection of ready-to-use designer templates, which can be customized with dozens of modification elements like charts, maps, etc.

The most promising feature of using this tool is the insertion and use of different object animations that can bring zoom, bounce, flip, fade and slide effects to existing content.

Metric measurement, state-of-the-art mobile configuration, and the creation of individual tracking links are additional benefits associated with Infogram.

What is a Process Modeling Software?

Business process modeling is a branch of business process management (BPM), which deals specifically with creating easy-to-read graphical representations of these processes.

In this sense, the main objective of a business process modeling software it should be to help users immediately understand the structure and flow of a business process.

This is tied to a broader goal of improving efficiency and can be considered a continuous improvement effort.

Process modeling can be very powerful. You can use it to document best practice principles, to simplify the visualization of complicated processes, and to gain competitive advantage.

Mapping processes allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily understand how the different components of your business work.
  • Understand the most important tasks and processes.
  • Help reinforce the importance of processes.

A simple process map is clearly a very visual endeavor; using colors, shapes, and linear flow to communicate complicated relationships between different parts of a business.

Characteristics of a Process Modeling Software

When you use business process modeling software, it is important that it is:

  • Easy to read.
  • Easy to edit.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Easy to learn.

These attributes help to process modeling software to achieve greater efficiency within an organization, but it is common for specific software to be affected in one way or another, without reaching all of these marks.

One thing that is clear is that Microsoft Visio is often not enough to meet all of a company’s BPM needs, that is, business process management as a broader management practice.

Business process management should try to incorporate the areas of design, modeling, execution, analysis, optimization and automation of business processes.

Companies should consider how they could use newer, more agile BPM software instead of clumsy, constrained BPMN software to improve efficiency in their organization.

To close

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In a world where everyone consumes content with their eyes first, having a visual representation of each process is crucial. This is exactly where software like MicrosoftVisio.

These creation software flowcharts they have been a delight among people who use them, but over time there have been better versions of the same features at a reduced cost that have attracted the attention of users.

Due to such scenarios, more and more business professionals have looked for something more advanced and better performing than what Microsoft Visio has to offer.