Which is better out of the Google nexus 10 plus the iPad 4?

It in reality holds up pretty well. In truth, there is very little to choose between the two.

I need to say that both tablets are completely brilliant. Neither one would make as a bad tablet pc decision, so anyway you’re onto a winner.

Due to the closeness of the rivalry, a lot of the response is going to be subjective. Because I’m a bigger fan of Apple’s iOS than I am of Google’s Android (though I do like Android a lot) I’ll say the iPad is the better deal. Again, that is just my opinion. I’ve been using Apple computers for several years now and We would personally never go over to anything else. Continue reading

Every year we are offered a new batch of PS4 games, when will this end! hopefully never.

Today, we’re going to have a look at the latest Playstation 4 games.


A couple weeks ago, I turned on.

“Well, with a little trepidation I’ve finally done it” the update read “I’ve bought my own detached house. It has all appliances I could need and a beautiful thatched roof”

Not much older than me. I was surprised by how much success he’d had. How he’d done so well was beyond me, but I was happy for him. Worked. We had fun.  After a while, he moved on and we parted ways, eventually randomly meeting a few years later on a train. We still had a lot in common. I was about to post a long message congratulating Bob on his newfound success when I noticed the final two words to his status. Yes, Bob has the perfect place and yes, it has appliances and a thatched roof…On Skyrim. I groaned and joined the legion of talking heads telling him what a nerd. Continue reading

Life is not about Xbox, it is about Kinnection!

The Xbox Kinect is a marvellous thing. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve wanted to fight the in-game characters one-on-one instead of relying on moves and combos.

“If I didn’t have to rely on these buttons so damn much” I frequently grumble, “I’d grab that monster and kick it in myself!”


Case in point, there’s a fat bloke in Pokemon (it doesn’t matter which version of Pokemon, there’s always a f*cking fat bloke) who stands in your way and stubbornly refuses to move until you have performed some task or the other. Now, if this was real life and some fat chunder-monkey was barring my way, I’d grab him by the scruff of the neck and kick seven bells out of him before moving onto the next city. I’m not really that agressive, but I’ve only got so much patience for that sort of behaviour, y’know? Continue reading

Why are sports entertainment video games so popular?

Sport games are the ultimate fan’s revenge. You think that the referee threw the match? Put your money where your mouth is, sport gaming fan. Naturally, if you think Mike Tyson was overrated, it does not necessarily follow that you’d be the man to tell him so. But perhaps Mohammed Ali or George Foreman might? Therefore, sport games are born.


One of those oldest games genres, sport games have an enduring application as everlasting as sport itself. You just can not go and play for England in the next world cup on a whim, no, that kind of thing takes time, and plane tickets, and days off work, and years in treatment and may end in any messy divorce. sport games are brilliant for proving your points throughout pub arguments. Continue reading

A Panasonic 32 inch Television to consider

Every year on Halloween, my flat is radiant with peculiar charm as I join my long-suffering girlfriend (with a small range of friends) for a night of traditional horror movies. The usual suspects all get an airing, (similar ones we’ve always watched), like the original F.W Murnau ‘Nosferatu’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Ring’ (The Hideo Nakata version, of course) and others still.

Clutching tightly onto out bowls of snacks or bags of candy, many of us meet round and try to get worked up about films we’ve viewed a billion times before.

It is now a tradition that goes back to my more youthful years, when I still lived with my mother and father. In the past, Halloween was a big deal, we would cover the house with spooky decoration (usually bought very cheaply one or two weeks after the prior year’s celebrations).

Rubber spiders, cardboard skeletons and this cobwebby kit that just sticks to you (and doesn’t go away for months) would adorn both the inside and outside of my parents’ home. We were lucky enough to live nearby to an American Woman who frequently cooked (and shared) the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever tasted.

We would go ‘Trick or Treat-ing’ when we were little, not surprisingly, but switched to gathering up for charity as we got older. We collected for Cancer Research, Parkinson’s Disease and, in 2001, we raised a nice little total for the people of 9/11 victims, I was always pleased with that.

In the past; the horror movies would start off early, habitually with one of the many, many (many) ‘Halloween’ sequels. Then, we’d upgrade to something else (my cousin and I are pretty big followers of Mark Pellington’s criminally underrated 2002 movie ‘The Mothman Prophecies’). Our neighbour’s youngsters would often come over for a hotdog and many complimentary sweets, so we always needed to pause these movies right at the good bits!

Why am I revealing you all this? Clearly, mainly I wish to let you know all this because if I had a Panasonic 32 inch Smart tv, Halloween would be even better this year and every year thereafter. Yeah, I’m selling the thing, but I am doing this in an original and attractive way, so just do me the favour and carry on to the end.

What’s so particular about the Panasonic 32 inch TV?, I hear you ask, well, as well as having a whopping 32 inch display (in full 1080P HD, no less), this brand new Television from market leaders Panasonic features built-in WiFi, so me and my mates could scare ourselves viewing the Youtube app for ‘Ghost Caught on Tape’ or such like.

The super-slim design for the tv means that it will fit easily into my flat, enabling us to reinforce the evening’s revels by inviting yet more friends.

To sum up, a spooky Halloween night filled with chills, thrills and (unavoidably with my mates) spills, will be so very much improved by this Television’s amazing visuals, crisp, atmospheric noises and the eye-popping (literally in the case of perennial Samhain fave ‘Evil Dead II’) rendering of lighting tricks, that I just felt compelled to tell you about it here.

More applications than you can shake an apple ipad at plus much more features than it is possible to shake a DVD box set at (and more writing clichés than you can shake a Halloween-obsessed hack at), make this a heck of a Television to have…On any night of our october.